Podcast: Convertible Market Update with James Dinsmore - GAMCO Investors, Inc.

Convertible Market Update with James Dinsmore

http://www.Gabelli.com Invest with Us 1-800-GABELLI (800-422-3554) James Dinsmore, a Portfolio Manager focused on convertible strategies at Gabelli Funds, gives an update of the convertible market. His team has managed convertible securities through multiple market downturns and have seen how they can be a great tool for companies to raise capital despite uncertainty while offering investors a risk adjusted way to participate in a recovery. Historically, convertibles offer a compelling way to remain invested in equity markets and increase income while reducing downside participation. The current environment is unique, as it has given us an opportunity to increase the yield to maturity of our portfolios while maintaining some equity exposure in companies where we have high conviction.

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