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Open End Fund Forms

Gabelli Funds IRA Transfer Form

Use this form to transfer IRA assets from another institution to your exisitng Gabelli Funds account.

Change in Registration

Use this form for Change of Account Registration, also known as Transfers, within the same fund. This form may not be used for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or exchanges between other Gabelli funds.

Roth IRA Conversion Form

Use this form to convert an existing IRA into a Roth IRA.

IRA Conversion & Transfer Request Form

Use this form only when converting a Traditional IRA with another firm to a Roth IRA with Gabelli Funds

Transfer on Death Agreement

Use this form to designate someone to pass on the investment.

IRA Distribution Request Form

If you would like to receive a regular, premature, rollover, disability or excess contribution distribution fill out this form and mail it to the address provided.

Account Options Form

Use this form to start an Automatic Investment Plan into a Gabelli Fund(s) from a checking account or a Gabelli Money Market account. You can also use this form to set up Banking Instructions on your Gabelli account to allow Periodic Telephone or Internet Purchases and/or redemptions. This form can be used to update/change current banking instructions on your account.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan Application

Use this form to establish a Systematic Withdrawal plan from your existing Gabelli Funds Account.

Change of Beneficiary Form

Use this form to change the beneficiaries on your existing Gabelli Funds IRA account. This form cannot be used for regular investment accounts. Estate planning for taxable accounts is handled through a last will and testament or other estate planning tools. Consult a qualified financial advisor for more details on estate planning

Power of Attorney Registration

Use this form to give a third party the ability to act for you either orally or in writing to purchase, sell, exchange or transfer shares within any account you hold with our mutual funds.

Letter of Intent Form

Use this form to seek Reduction of Sales Charges for Load Class Shares of Gabelli Funds

Gift to Nonprofit Organizations Form

Use this form to gift shares of your Gabelli Fund account to a nonprofit organization only. Both you (the donor) and the recipient must complete the appropriate sections.

Letter of Instruction Form

Use this form to provide Gabelli Funds with a Medallion Guaranteed Letter of Instruction.

Non-Retirement Asset Transfer Form

Use this form to either: redeem/liquidate non-retirement assets you currently own with another financial institution and have the liquidation proceeds sent to Gabelli Funds to purchase shares of one or more Gabelli mutual funds; or transfer in kind non-retirement Gabelli mutual fund shares you currently hold at another financial institution and have the Gabelli mutual fund shares transferred to Gabelli.

Affidavit for Non-Probate Transfer to Beneficiary

Use this form if you are listed as a TOD Beneficiary on a Taxable Account.

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